Sentry 3x4 Premium Toploader - 20pt Cards

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  • Designed to store and protect 20pt trading cards in soft sleeves, Guardhouse Sentry toploaders offer enhanced clarity, rigidity, and ease of use that sets a new standard in card storage and protection. Clarity: Made from double polished, scratch resistant material, the Sentry toploader provides superior clarity and a flawless lens through which to view the card.


    Protection: Sentry toploaders feature dual material thicknesses on the front and back. The back of the card measures 0.5mm for additional rigidity and a stay-flat surface. The front is 0.4mm, reducing material usage and providing for ease of access to the card.



    Function: A uniform 0.89mm slotted opening and pocket depth, along with a small lip on the top back, make inserting a card effortless. Once the card is inserted, the Sentry toploader holds it securely in place. The small lip on the top of the card also functions as a surface to gently tap and release the card from the holder, reducing the risk of damage during removal.



    Form: The Sentry toploader features a completely new and totally unique uni-body design. The manufacturing process results in a seamless, uniform, and more visual appealing holder for your cards.


    • OD: 102.7 x 76.6 mm
    • Thickness: Back 0.5mm / Front 0.4mm
    • Opening for 20 pt cards

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