About Us

The CoinSupplyStore.com has your wallet in mind. Our foundation is built on providing customers with quality coin collecting supplies at deeply discounted prices. CoinSupplyStore.com is all about you.

We understand the sense of pride and enthusiasm you take in coin collecting because we are coin collectors ourselves. Rome wasn't built in a day, and great coin collections are not built overnight. For years we have harnessed our enthusiasm of coin collecting in order to put together what we think is one of the best collections of coin supplies available. Our missions is not over there, we are constantly on the lookout for newer or better coin supplies to provide to our collectors.

Coin collecting is unlike anything else. Any person at any age can be a coin collector, and there are no rules. Some collections have monetary values and some have sentimental values, the only thing that all collections have in common is that each is unique. Whether you want to have your collection be in all the same holders or a mixture of everything we carry, we want to help keep your collection unique.

We Care About Your Coin Collection

Sometimes just building a coin collection can be hard enough, you do not have to worry about picking the wrong supplies at the Coin Supply Store. We genuinely care about the safety and security of your coin collections. All of our supplies are selected only after we determine that they will be able to safely and securely store any coin for many years.

We want you to completely enjoy coin collecting. If you ever have any questions about coins or supplies, please contact us. You can call us at 888-310-2646 or e-mail us at sales@coinsupplystore.com