Coin Slabs

Coin Slabs from Coin World come in over 30 sizes and hold almost every US coin ever minted. These slabs are a great addition to any collection. Each coin slab is made of a pliable insert that is enclosed between an acrylic case that snaps shut. Both the acrylic case and insert are PVC free and are made from inert materials. The coin slabs can be opened and resealed making them reusable time and again, while still keeping their seal tight and coins protected.

These coin holders are one of the most popular supplies that we sell due to the quality of the holders and the number of storage options available for them. We have albums, boxes, pages and more that are all specifically designed to hold coin slabs. Each item is chosen by us because they are the best available. Keep your collection safe and make it look professional with coin slabs. Want to take your collection to the next level? We also have coin inventory software and tag wizard label kits for your coin slabs.

**NOTE** Coins are not included, HOLDERS ONLY 

To choose your slab based on inside diameter see our new chart.

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