Coin World Coin Slabs for Half Dollars - 30.6mm (Slab #12)


$2.10 $2.75
SKU: 0664-1

Our coin slabs from Coin World will allow your collection to have a professional look without having to pay for the professional cost associated with it.  

**NOTE** Coins are not included, HOLDERS ONLY 

Coin Type: Capped Bust Half Dollar Var. II (1837-39), Seated Liberty, Barber, Walking Liberty, Franklin, and Kennedy Half Dollars and other 30.6mm coins

Coin World coin slabs are made from a clear snap-tight acrylic case that encloses dark green pliable insert. Each slab measures 3.25" x 2.5" and will fit into any holder, album, page or box that is designed to hold PCGS slab style holders. Each slab is made entirely of inert materials that seals tight to beautifully protect. Slabs are resealable and reusable many times. Enhance your collection even more by using our great slab themed products such as albumsboxespages and our inventory and tag wizard software.

To choose your slab based on inside diameter see our new chart.

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