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Quite possibly one of the most distinguishable brands in numismatics, coin albums from Dansco are the perfect addition to any coin collection. These albums are made to last for years, look impeccable and protect your collection for years with their archival safe design. The first line of protection for your coins is the sturdy, rich brown leatherette binder that guards and holds the pages of the album in place. Each album features a beautifully crafted gold embossed lettering on both the cover and the spine. The craftsmanship continues on the inside of the album as well. The inside of the album features historical information about the coins it holds, as well as the ability to remove all of the pages in the album.

Each page in the album is crafted from the same sturdy material that makes up the binder. Every coin has its own individually identified window in which it fits snugly in. Two crystal clear acetate slides on the front and back of each page sandwich the coin in place keeping it secure. For added security and protection, Dansco also offers a full line of slipcases designed to minimize air flow on your albums and thus further increasing each albums ability to protect your coins.

In addition to coin albums we also offer a full line of coin folders and maps including HarrisLittleton and Whitman brands.

 Dansco Cent Album

Cent Albums

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