Max HD50DF Standard Flat-Clinch Stapler


$33.50 $41.50
SKU: 3052-1

Eliminate your stapling frustration forever. The marvelous Max brand Flat Clinch Staplers leave staples flat and save space when storing Cardboard 2x2's. No bent or crushed staples with flat-clinch closing action. Never use pliers again to flatten staples. Convenient and easy to use. Great tool for any coin collector.

  • Twin-lever mechanism cuts stapling effort by 30 percent
  • Ergonomic styling provides comfortable stapling with rubber grip cap

Dimensions: 1.75" x 3" x 7.25"

Staple Size: Max #35 Standard

Stapling Capacity: 30 Sheets

Often used with our Cardboard Coin Holders.

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