Marcus Mint and Proof Set Cases for Cent to Small Dollars


SKU: 6051

Marcus coin cases make a great addition to any coin collection. These cases are perfect for coin collecting because they are made from inert materials that are safe for long term storage making them archival safe. Each case has a double seal that keeps moisture and contaminants out, but allows you to easily open and reuse each holder. The viewing area for the holders (the part where you can see the coins) is clear, and the remaining areas of the holder have frosted edges.

These Marcus mint and proof set cases hold 6 coins, one of each of the following: Cent, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Half Dollar and Small Dollar. Small dollars are Susan B Anthony, Sacagawea and Presidential Dollars. These holders are very popular with collectors who are trying to create a date set of coins for their birth year, a gift, or just to add to their collection.

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