Air-Tite 5 oz. Silver Bar Capsule Holder



The Air-Tite Brand 5 oz silver bar holder is made specifically for Silvertowne's 5 oz art bars. Scottsdale Stacker 5 oz bars also fit as well. Other bars that fit are Northwest Territorial Mint, Sunshine Minting and Silvertowne's standard 5oz bar. but they may rattle slightly due to manufacturer's making their bars slightly different. The main purpose of the holders are to protect the bars from fingerprints and scratches. Bars from other manufacturers may not fit. Please measure your bar to make sure this product will fit before purchasing.

Dimension: Inside 2.418" x 1.431" (61.4mm x 36.3mm)

Outside 2.7" x 1.7" (67.1mm x 42.1mm)

Depth 0.3115" (7.91mm)

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