Air-Tite 1 oz Bar Capsule with Wafer - White


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SKU: 1090wh-1

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Air-Tite wafer bar holders are designed to fit inside the Air-Tite 1 oz bar holders to fit smaller bars and keep them from moving inside the holder.

  • Inside Diameter 29.41mm (1.158) x 50.8mm (1.985) x Depth 2.49mm (.098")

  • Outside Diameter: 34.92mm (1.375) x 55.80mm (2.197) x Depth 5.7mm (.224)

  • Wafer Inside Diameter: 29.41mm (1.158) x 50.80mm (1.985)

  After you have decided which Air Tites to purchase, we also have a full line of albumsboxes and tubes designed specifically for our Air Tite coin holders.

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