Littleton Coin Albums for Quarters

Quarters have always been an extremely popular coin to collect, and since 1999 the number of people collecting them have continued to grow. No matter if you are looking for an album for your Barber quarters of the 1890s or the National Park quarters of the 2010s, the Littleton Coin Albums are what you need. These albums are perfect for storing coins because they are inexpensive, very sturdy and are archival safe. That means that your quarters will remain safe for years in these albums. For collectors who are looking for a little added protection we also offer slipcases and corrosion protection pages from Littleton as well. These pages and slipcases aid the albums in preventing tarnishing and corrosion on the coins.

In addition to coin albums we also offer a full line of coin folders and maps including HarrisLittleton and Whitman brands.

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