Direct Fit Air-Tite Coin Holders

Direct Fit Air-Tite coin holders are formed from injection molding with a clear acrylic that is PVC free. Each and every Air-Tite contains a non yellowing agent to keep the case crystal clear, and all are proudly made in the USA. Direct fit holders come in two pieces, the base and the cover. To use, simply place a coin in the base and snap the cover on.

Direct fit holders require a snug fit between the coin and the holder to keep the coin in place. Air-Tites exacting manufacturing process ensures that an Air-Tite will always fit the coin it was intended to hold. These holders have been designed to hold almost every type of US coin, medallion and bullion. After you have decided which Air-Tites to purchase, we also have a full line of albumsboxes and tubes designed specifically for our Air-Tite coin holders. For more coin sizes please check out our coin size guide or for coin capsule specifications take a look at our Air-Tite measurement and info page.

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