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The Coin Supply Store's specialty is coin holders and cases. We are proud to provide you with the best coin collecting holders in Numismatics . We have many different styles of coin holders, including those made by Whitman, H.E. Harris, Coin World, Edgar Marcus, and many other trusted coin holders and cases manufacturers. We provide a wide variety of coin holders like cardboard 2x2 coin holders, air tites, marcus and guardhouse plastic 2x2s and more at an affordable price.

Browse around and look at not only our large selection of coin collecting supplies, but also some of the best prices on the web. Any time you buy a commemorative coin or mint set, they should be kept in the original holder or cases. If the case or holder is damaged we have the replacements to keep your coins in their original condition. If you can't find the coin holders or cases you are looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

View all $5 American Gold Eagle 1 oz. American Silver Eagle 1 oz. Silver Round 1/10 oz American Gold Eagle 2 oz. Coin Capsule 2 oz. Queens Beast 2x2 coin envelope 2x2 Storage Boxes 2x2 storages boxes 38mm 39mm 40mm Air Tite Coin Holders Air Tite Coin Holders with Blue Rings Air Tite Coin Holders with Green Rings Air Tite Coin Holders with Red Rings Air-Tite Coin Capsules American Silver Eagle American Silver Eagles archival safe Bags Envelopes & Sleeves Black Flying Eagle blue velvet Buffalo Nickels Buffalo Silver Round Capital Plastic Mint & Proof Set Holders Cardboard 1.5x1.5 Coin Holders Cardboard 2.5x2.5 Coin Holders Cardboard 2x2 Coin Holders Cardboard Coin Holders Case for Silver Dollars Cent Cent & Pennies Cent and Pennies Cent Case Holder Cent Holders Christmas Gift Coin Capsules Coin Cases Coin Casing Coin Caspules coin collecting Coin Display Coin Display Cases coin display product Coin Displays Coin Flips Coin Holder Boxes Coin Holders Coin Holders for National Park Quarters Coin Holders for Presidential Dollars Coin Holders for State Quarters Coin Magnifier Coin Magnifiers Coin Presentation Coin Protection coin shipping Coin Slab Boxes Coin Slab Holders coin slab sizes Coin Slabs coin sleeves coin supplies Coin World Coin Slabs CoinSafe Congratulations Display Dime Display Case Dime Holder Dime Holders Dimes Display Cases Display Products Eisenhower Dollar Eisenhower Dollars Franklin Half Dollar Gold Eagle Display Case Guardhouse Plastic 2x2 Coin Holders Half Dollar Holder Half Dollar Holders Half Dollars Harris Frosty Case for Cents Harris Frosty Cases for Dollars Harris Frosty Cases for Quarters Harris Frosty Cases for Silver Eagles HE Harris Frosty Cases High Relief Coins Hobbies Indian Head Cents It's a boy It's a girl Kennedy Half Dollar Kennedy Half Dollars Kointain Mylar Coin Capsules Lady Liberty Dollar Lady Liberty Silver Dollar Lady Liberty Silver Dollars Large Dollar Large Dollars Large Silver Dollars Lighthouse Magic Floating Frames Lincoln Cent Lincoln Cent Holder Magnicap Square Coin Holders Marcus Mint & Proof Set Holders Marcus Plastic 2x2 Coin Holders Marcus Snap Lock Cases Marcus Snap Lock Cases for Cents Marcus Snap Lock Cases for Dollars Marcus Snap Lock Cases for Silver Eagles Marcus Snap Lock Cases for Silver Rounds Merry Christmas Mint and Proof Set Cases Morgan Dollar Morgan Dollars Morgan Silver Dollar NGC Nickel Display Nickel Holders Nickels numimatics Numismatics Paper Coin Holders PCGS PCGS Style Holder PCGS Style Holders Peace Dollar Peace Dollar Holder Pennies and Cents Penny Penny Coin Holder Penny Display Penny Display Case Penny Holders Plastic 2x2 Coin Holders Pocket Pages poly bags Presentation Cases Presidential Dollars PVC free Quarter Holders Quarters red velour Ring Type Air Tite Coin Holders Sacagawea Dollars Saflips: Mylar Coin Flips Season's Greetings Sets Silver Bullion Silver Coins Silver Dollar Century Set Silver Dollar Holder Silver Dollars Silver Eagle Holders Silver Rounds Slab assortment by size Slab Holders Small Dollar Holders Small Dollars Specialty Coin Holders Steel Cents Storage boxes SuperSafe Self Sealing 2x2 Holders Susan B Anthony three cent piece Twenty Cent Piece Two cent piece United States American Flag Wartime Nickel Holder ziplock bag

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