Easter Egg Hunt

Earn a $25 Digital Gift Card just by exploring the site!

To encourage you to explore our new website, we've hidden 20 "Easter Eggs" throughout the site. Find 10 and earn a $10 digital gift card. Find all 20 and earn a $25 Digital Gift Card in addition to our upcoming scheduled promotions!

These eggs are products that are scattered throughout the site. All you need to do is add them to your cart. If you add 10 different "eggs" to your order, you will earn a $10 digital gift card. If you add all 20 different "eggs" to your cart, you will earn a $25 digital gift card! Once we get your order, we will send a digital gift card code to your email that you will be able to redeem on our website.

Easter Egg Hunt Details: All gift cards are digital gift cards to be used on our website. Only one digital gift card can be earned for each household. "Eggs" are products that cost $0.00 and are numbered. You will need to find at least ten (10) of the "eggs" and add them to your cart to earn them. In other words, you cannot add one egg ten times to the cart and still be eligible. If you find all twenty (20) of the "eggs", you will earn a $25 digital gift card. You cannot earn both a $10 digital gift card AND a $25 digital gift card. If you do not add at least 10 eggs to your order you will not be eligible. Offer ends on March 10, 2024.