American Silver Eagles

American Silver Eagles are quite possibly the most popular coin to collect in the United States. It is pure silver and has a beautiful design. This coin does create some confusion though which is why we are talking about it here in our first blog. The confusion lies with coin size and understandably so. Many people assume when they select "Large Dollar" or "Silver Dollar" that they are buying the correct size for Silver Eagles and why not? It is legal tender made of silver that is worth $1 right? However the Silver Eagle isn't considered a large dollar like other coins such as Morgans, Peace & Eisenhower dollars. It is most widely considered bullion. Silver rounds and bullion vary in size and are often larger than the 38mm size of the large dollars. They are actually 40.6mm. So always keep in mind that when you are looking for holders and cases for your silver eagles to look for items that specifically refer to the American Silver Eagle coin.
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