Model A Air Tite Coin Holders with White Rings


SKU: 1140

Air Tite coin holders with white rings will give your collection a very elegant, classy and sophisticated look. These holders will make a perfect addition to your collection because they do a wonderful job of protecting your coins.  You have been managing your collection for years, with Air Tites you can be put to ease knowing that your coins are safe. Each white ring Air Tite contains a foam ring that holds your coin securely in place so that it will not rattle around.

If you do not see the exact size holder you are looking for we recommend rounding down your coin's diameter to determine which Air Tite to get.  For example, if your coin is 27.3mm, we recommend getting a 27mm Air Tite. After you have decided which Air Tite to purchase, we also have a full line of albumsboxes and tubes designed specifically for our Air Tite coin holders

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